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Something sweet, something delicious

Something sweet, something delicious

Vanilla sex is a term used for monotonous, bland sex. The partners are sexually active, but their sexuality becomes a mundane and boring routine that is not very exciting or interesting. Experts use this term to describe conventional sex that only involves the 'familiar' and classic things, usually, it is the practice of a single-sex position, ordinarily missionary. There is virtually no sex drive or desire between the partners anymore, they have sex purely out of routine and a mindset that this is the way it has to be.

Time, efficiency, safety

They do not try new positions, new things to make sex more exciting, but stick to familiar and safe ground. Sexologists explain that partners who have vanilla sex always know when it is time to have sex and simply do not want to change their routine.

Self-pleasure first, no pressure

Vanilla sex is considered perfect for first-timers because they do not need to show their partner by proving anything or trying something exciting. Conventional sex offers an easy position for both partners to have sex, especially for women who have pain during intercourse, this sex style is very beneficial.

No spark?

There are many reasons for having vanilla sex, and they also vary from couple to couple. It is quite common for long-standing partners not to function in the same way as a couple freshly in love, who usually only think about sex. Sex is certainly an important part of partnership life - even in the long term - but it is not everything. So, in long-term relationships, vanilla sex can occur because of routine, overwork and stress. If partners don't pay enough attention to each other, live past each other and only give themselves to work and housework, the relationship can quickly sizzle. It is important to make time for each other despite your busy lifestyles and express yourselves.

Another reason why vanilla sex can occur in a relationship is a lack of communication and fear of rejection. Perhaps one partner has a strong desire to try new sexual things or even has hidden fetishes but does not dare to tell their partner because they are afraid of rejection. It is important to be honest and talk in your relationship. Maybe you both want some change but don't know it.

Vanilla doesn't mean unimaginative

Although some studies prove women acquire orgasm quickly through vanilla sex because women’s clitoris can be easily stimulated and therefore it is quite a desirable position to practice. Yet women need to be stimulated also mentally, feel cherished, desired and safe to orgasm at all.

Vanilla sex can be quick and mutually satisfying, but it doesn’t need to be boring.

Spice it up with some lube, a stimulator, different plugs, or even a vibrator. It’s still vanilla and great sex comes from understanding yourself, your body, and your partner’s.

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