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Communication or spontaneity?

Communication or spontaneity?

Women and their sexual preferences,

a dilemma that men would like to be able to understand, especially in this historical period when under the influence of so many suggestions about the purely feminine world and their needs both in daily life but especially in the sexual sphere.

On the subject, there are countless movies, women's talk shows, "for women" magazines, and other guides to life, that make men feel obliged to ask their partner what she wants in bed...

But won't all this communication lose the magic of spontaneity?

According to the latest research carried out in various European countries, women do not like theoretical conversations that agree on instructions for use in the bedroom: they like the spontaneous discovery of all their erogenous zones and their pleasures. Many women have even stated they would rather experience a misunderstanding in the bedroom than agree upon what they can and can't do with their boyfriends or their partner before the sexual act, most agreed that they feel like they are entering into a contract or concluding one.

If you haven't tried it yet how would you know?

The magic of not knowing increases the excitement even during first-time sex with a new partner. It is better not to inquire about what will or not make her breath quiver and her back arch towards you. Spontaneity, even if it is sometimes awkward and maybe not appreciated at all, helps to keep the magic alive, and what better than magic to ensure that an evening is remembered as special.

The trick

If you want to try to understand what they like most, writing a few messages before the date can be a valid option, but not at the beginning of a lovely evening.



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