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Dressing up all year round - Role playing in the bedroom

Dressing up all year round - Role playing in the bedroom

October now means Halloween and Halloween means dressing up. On the night of the ghosts all over the world people dress up to bare themselves. To show the vices and sins of men.

For many Italians dressing up is a customary practice, for them it's Halloween all year round.

We interviewed a group of people to understand more about it.

73% of respondents admitted to fantasizing about cross-dressing in the bedroom. 14% admitted to having tried role-playing with their partner(s) at least once.

So here is some information about Role Play in the bedroom.


More and more couples are enjoying playing a certain role in order to act out their most hidden sexual fantasies. From the classic plumber to the sexy waitress, playing a role allows people to give free rein to their fantasies, protected by a mask.

As in all sexual games, the key thing is to decide what the boundaries are within which the partner can move in playing the role.

Why role-playing games?

Role-playing, as mentioned, is a way to lay bare one's fantasies, but it is also a great way to rekindle a relationship that may be off.

Some role-playing games

The disguise allows you to dare and give free rein to fantasies, here are the best in our opinion:

  • The Plumber: as per the plot of the best adult movies the intervention of the plumber and the inability to pay him are the basis of this game. Have fun showing off in this classic but always entertaining game.
  • The maid: the role of master is evident in this game. The master's control over the maid who cleans the house merges into a game of looks and temptation.
  • Photographer/model: for this game you just need a camera and a lot of desire to show yourself. The great thing about the game is that at the end you will also have the photos available for you to enjoy again.
  • Kidnapping: this game falls into the BDSM category, to play we recommend a certain complicity within the couple of very precise rules.


Our advice:

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