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Who we are

Why Mazimogi HOT?

Mazimogi HOT is not just an erotic store.
Mazimogi HOT is a friendly partner.

The pleasure of the senses, intimacy as a couple and eroticism are part of everyday life. We are in a millennium in which most taboos have been cleared. We believe that sexuality is an ingredient of everyday life like any other and that it deserves consideration and respect.

We want to talk about it in an uninhibited but also honest and realistic way. And allow our users to approach this world without fear.

Too often we see sensuality and pleasure confused with pornography and perversion. We asked ourselves: does it have to be like this?

That's how Mazimogi HOT came into being: to give you, your partner, your boyfriends, your friends, access to the best products on the market and to be able to buy and evaluate them, be advised and choose, without false hypocrisy and without being judged.

On Mazimogi HOT we tackle the hottest topics of sexuality, pleasure and desire with a touch of irony and fun, with seriousness and good taste.

What is Mazimogi HOT?

Mazimogi HOT is one of the largest online erotic stores, where you'll find the world's most prestigious brands.

Let's face it: Mazimogi HOT does not sell counterfeit products. We select for our customers only the highest quality, internationally renowned brands. A constantly updated catalogue of thousands of products guarantees a huge variety of choices for every taste and desire.

Mazimogi HOT is also a different and fun way to experience and discover pleasure.

Visit the catalogue and read our articles: you will discover that we are not just traders, but true enthusiasts who put their experience and professionalism at the service of the Store's customers.


Seriousness above all.

Before embarking on this adventure, we asked ourselves what was the driving force behind it. We realised that - no matter what product we sold - we wanted to be the best.

To do our job well, to be impeccable.

We are a young but professional team: our only "flaw" is that we are perfectionists; we care and love every detail of our work.

This is why Mazimogi HOT can count on its own distribution chain and dedicated logistics. On an anonymous and precise delivery. This is why our experts personally test our products to ensure the highest quality.

Follow us on social media, where we will periodically propose our product selection and the editorial content of our editors, and where you will have the opportunity to discuss the issues we care about.