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Coupletition Couple ABCSEX Game

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A game where to have fun as a couple. Add sex, passion and orgasms to your daily life, breaking your routine based on pleasure as a couple.

Like all Coupletition games, it was created with the aim of sexualizing life as a couple and strengthening the bonds of the relationship. But what makes it different from other games?

  • You will learn curiosities and concepts about sexuality that you did not know.
  • You will try new sexual positions, practices and activities.
  • You will face totally atypical situations, playing challenges from the most romantic to the most daring.
  • You will form the best of the teams, trying to overcome the objective of the game that is proposed to you.
  • Will you be able to win the final prize or will you have to carry out the proposed punishment?

Coupletition ABCSEX is an experience that aims to entertain and add passion to couple relationships, while helping to normalize all sexual relationships and enjoy pleasure without taboos. The approximate duration of the game is 20-60 days, divided into more than 25 challenges of approximately half an hour.

Coupletition ABCSEX includes:

  • The game is presented in 60 pages of 210 x 99mm in size and 170gr in thickness. Booklet with matte finish and bound with rings. 26 play tests.

How do you play ABCSEX?

The objective of ABCSEX is to complete all the tests that are proposed to you, within the time limit set by your level of difficulty. Before starting to play, you must select the level of difficulty. Depending on the selected level, you will have more or less time to complete the challenge, and you will also have a greater or lesser amount of ?wild cards?. The jokers will help you to skip a specific test that you do not want to do.

The terms that you will find page after page can refer to a wide range of concepts: from sexual ideas or proposals to do as a couple, unusual sexual practices or that are socially considered ?taboo?, curious and interesting information about sexuality or even colloquial expressions about sex you may not have known about. In addition to the term and its definition, on each page you will find a test to perform. These tests or activities are the objective to be completed in the game, and you will have to do them all (except those that you want to jump with the jokers that you have available). Each page is a new surprise and a new opportunity to have fun, learn new things and enjoy as a couple.