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Date Night Card Game - EN

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If there`s one thing we`ve learned from the Fifty Shades books it`s that spontaneity is exciting, then why not heat things up with 52 dating nights? Divided between "stay in" and "get out", these cards offer a whole year of excitement for two.

Decide if your date will be at home or away from home, then close your eyes and let the cards suggest your session for the evening.


  • 52 tear-off and reveal cards inspired by steamy situations from the Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy
  • 26 "Going Out" Cards to Have Fun Playing Away From Home
  • 26 "Stay" cards offer tips for warming things up at home
  • Try one card a week to enjoy a whole year of experiences.
  • It is a fun and romantic gift for your partner
  • Language: English