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Intimate Passion Original Edition (ES)

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Erotic play to enjoy between two.

Intimate Mission (original edition) has reached a success never seen so much in Holland as in many other countries. It has been published in different languages ??and sold worldwide, in more than 30 countries. If you have not yet played... challenge yourself and add to your sexual relationship an exciting boost.

Intimate Mission takes you on a journey of discovery, where the most important thing is to enjoy. Through 480 questions and activities, you and your partner discover what they like best. The game begins with loving and romantic tests, at the end after the most intimate activities, finally finally the most passionate tests in which everything is allowed and nothing is forced. In a playful way they are breaking barriers and are closer to each other. The game is captivating, enthralling, direct and daring, sometimes hilarious, but without losing respect and good taste. In this game there are no obligations and everything is possible to do to the taste of each one.

Before starting to play each player must name his absolute desire. It can be an erotic desire that you have always had or just a breakfast in bed. The winner gets his absolute desire and his partner is in charge of providing it. So in this game there are no losers.

In summary: The game is absolutely recommendable for those who want to have and maintain a playful, intimate and provocative sexual relationship. One of the players responses is that due to the large dose of eroticism, they never just play an agreement to the game rules, but hey...