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Truth Game Erotic Party Edition (ES)

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69 questions... the truth is the only thing that counts

69 challenges... for the one who dares

The creators of the erotic game, world-wide favorite, "The game of desire" have created the well-known game "The game of the truth" in erotic version. The game consists of 69 spicy questions and 69 daring challenges. The game is bold, naive and exciting.

"The game of truth" is intended for 3 or more friends. Determine with the help of a coin what card you must take. With a Truth card you only earn points if you respond in a sincere way. Against more detailed response, much better. With a Challenge card you get points if you take a daring action. Do not want to answer the question or take action? No problem, but they will discount these points. Everything is allowed and nothing is forced. How far do you dare to arrive?

Some examples of questions and activities:

  • Lie on your back with a bandage on your eyes and your hands along your body. The other players put a hand on your body. Guess where the hand of each one is.
  • What is your most mischievous fantasy?
  • Scourges! Ask the player to your left to hit you in the ass. 3 spanking is enough.
  • The person at your right hides a coin under your clothes. You must find it with your eyes closed.

The Erotic Party Edition truth game, is to play with friends (18+) before going out there, during a party or just when you feel like experiencing feelings and excitement in the group. It is a game of rogue and daring that is just naive and exciting. If you play with a score, determine in advance the prize of the winner (and what you expect from the loser).

Simply, The Game of Truth, who dares?